New Year of 1997 AD, by Jack and a bit by Dreamwalker

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Not Yet.

For now. Well, '96 has been transient, noone gonna deny that. So far '95 was one of the most kicking of the 90s for sure, and '96 was kinda intense, and in some ways happy too. But it's almost gone. What to expect in the upcoming 1997, you all surely ask. Alot, i'd say. '97 gonna be even more intense and eventful than '96 and that's what everybody is looking forward too, i'm sure. But it not gonna be easy, boys and girls. It gonna be troublesome as well.

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So we are getting closer to the (in)famous End of the Millenium, okay, i'm not gonna add up to the long false prophet list, but the signs are obvious aren't they. The sheer rise and grandeur of the technology, the fact that you are even reading this very page over the Internet is self-evident. Catastrophes and disasters multiply. But Russians are not gonna take over (what's this bullshit anyway???), tee hee, that I could promise. Don't expect anti-Christ either, you do not deserve it.

You still have time, Menschen. So do not sit idle, and get ready to kick in the upcoming '97. After all, you just survived the last leap-year of the ah so long Second Millenium. Bear in mind, some people are running the gauntlet, hoping to make it against all odds - into 21st century and into eternity. If you survive until 2025 you have very good chances to survive until 2050 and if you survive until then, you have very good chances to become Immortal. Yeah write, if 2001 comes at all. I hope ACC gonna be still around to see it the happen the reality way.

Okay, some down to earth stuff. '96 has also seen The Internet Revolution, which hit me up front in the U.S. back in '93 and was also in the U.K. in '94 finally 'explode' in Russia. We saw 3 russian 'Net-magazines' - what ady thinks about them, you read in the previous CW. He he.

Post-imperial anarchy that took breath out of Russia's lungs in the beginning of 90s (and which was, in a way, pretty kewl) almost came to pass, replaced by full-fledged 20s Chicago-land. And is it not fun. No, it's not, is the correct answer. I don't even want to think what awaits this country in the upcoming year, so i'll leave forecasts in this area to somebody else.

Oh, by the way, would there be any more movies and computer games and books and music, or did it all end for good? They gonna make something more exciting instead? Internet hype is over, so you gotta introduce some new fun now. Please, don't make new drugs or lethal viruses.


I turn my head left now to look at the huge map of the world hanging on the wall. Our home planet is soo big, and the fun is about to begin. Maybe this year, maybe not. I'd like to be there to see it tho, been there, done that, y'know. And survive to tell about it. Until then, have awesome holidays, and remember- you gonna spend '97 the way you meet it, so fasten yr seatbelts <GRIN>.



It's Christmas at ground zero
There's music in the air
The sleigh bells are ringing and the carollers are singing
while the air raid sirens blare
It's Christmas at ground zero
The button has been pressed
The radio just let us know
that this is not a test

know this tune? it's kinda weird

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