Column for October 2 - 13 by Jackie

B I G    B R O    W A T C H I N'    U!

Whoa! Good whatever, Ladies and Gentlemen.
We return as strong as ever,
and are we going to apologize for skippin' a week?

Anonymizer logo

By the way, Dear Internaut calling' from IP address [an error occurred while processing this directive], running [an error occurred while processing this directive], coming from [an error occurred while processing this directive]. Isn't something here not quite right? If you think so too, then you share a major digital comunity concern for privacy and protection from the Big Bro. Well, in a similar fashion with famous remailer, there seems to be found a web remedy, which is called "Anonymizer".

What is Anonymizer, exactly? A proxy. With a few 'minor' differences, those being:

This service is offered by Community ConneXion, which is no newbie in dealing with privacy issue. Still, just hope you are doing the right thing with trusting this company, folks. :) I mean, i can sure trust an enthusiasm based service in Finland, while i'm not at all so sure about the U.S. commercial company. The Freedom issue, you know. It could be run by FBI for all i know, a very handy service, for them. For the time being, i decided to follow the true hacking spirit, and instead of fooling around with ultra-super-mega-secret sites, i found a few unusual uses for Anonymizer. The first one is using it as a plain proxy, and while you can have problems transferring data to Russia, if you have a good link with Anonymizer - that's enough, it gonna work alot faster. The second use is alot more..unusual. For the first time in over 3 years on the Internet, I have been completely denied access to otherwise public non-commercial website, just because of the country I was calling from. Stupid idiot bastards, they can't put # on the net, just no way, at least for now. If they do in the future, i'm sure a bright kid would hack it. As for now, i just used the wonderful Anonymizer thing, and for all they cared, i was calling from the most wonderful United States in the world.

Ta ta for now, and go hide your butt from the Big Bro.

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