Column for September 09 - 15 by Jackie

...of the best of the best of the best of the best...

What's this best-web-of-the-week stuff anyway? Let's take a peek at it.

Egoistical Site of the Week seems like a perfect place to start. The rosy background requests the stray net-bonkhead to "just kiss my ass" (sic) - with numerous lips perhaps just for this purpose. Immediately eager to bash those egoistical wimps, i started clicking left and right, trying to hit the MOST egoistical one. Alas, they were all rather decent, nicely designed, diverse and not boring in the least, let alone egoistic. This was rather puzzling for me. The most remarkable feature on this page that the sysop kid cared to link is definitely Award for a Superb Award Page. If it goes on like this, by the end of the year i expect to see an Award page for a superb Award Page for a superb Award Page for a superb Award Page.

 I had quite better luck with The Hate Page of the Week. It got them all - abundant Racists and anti-Semites, Skinheads, Aryan Nationalist and Black Nationalist losers, venom-dripping "Christian" Nationalists (perhaps the most hateful of them all) pitiful childish Satanists and actually what not. The page exposes them to the public, even goes as far as publishing some of the poor sods' telephone numbers. And guess what, thanks to this page, one of those sites actually had to go down.

Now some relaxing stuff, just to make you feel good again. We'll beam up to see what Trekkies are up to. The page greets us with a contraption called "USS Internet" (wow..) and a starry background sprinkled with a nebula here and a star cluster there. Four Star Trek series, The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager, provide enough materials to Trek-heads to keep them busy for a few lifetimes. Naturally, Trekkies' cyber-community grew up large enough to have their own Site of the Week thing. All in all, this page is quite true to the TV series spirit, hey, it even has its own commercial! And though i'm not a Trekkie ...

hey, what's going on?

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