Column for September 23 - 29 by Jackie

Michael in Moscow! Hi, this is Jack with reporting from the show-biz event #1 of the year. On 17th of September (which also happens to be 'that special day' for me, esp. this year) our small town was shocked (no, not by macromedia) by the King of Pop himself, who awesomely performed at a local stadium to estimated 45,000 audience. This is of course no match for Prague's and Warsaw's over 100,000, but it was pretty crowded as is, and what's particularly surprising for Moscow, the law enforcement actually enforced LAW, and not chaos and didn't beat anyone up. Perhaps they were too enthralled with the show itself. (this is totally how i saw it, others report quite the opposite, which sadly is more like truth in this country, but i guess i got lucky enough and my holiday wasn't spoiled..)

Being true to their beatiful selves, the organizers delayed the thing for a couple of hours, and the chilly weather didn't help too much either. However the first moments of the opening VR flick glued everybody's attention to the screen. And when the cyber-trooper popped onto stage everybody went completely nuts. All in all, it were just two and a half hours of blasting joy and happiness. Grandeur, is perhaps the correct word. It made the most profound impact on everyone who was there. Even the filth-spewing local tabloid #ewspapers just HAD to admit, that "those who didn't attend missed quite a show".

Michael got lucky with the weather in Moscow this time, so it'd be kewl if he writes another song WITHOUT rain in it, coz Moscow isn't anywhere as rainy as say Hamburg. The Star Singer met with the Moscow Mayor, who presented him a nifty dish, and also with a President's associate (former head of Presidential Guard, known to be completely corrupt, alas, seems like Michael didn't know it). This dude presented Michael with a Tsar-times sword, which, ridiculously, was taken away at the customs. Michael also met with the fans and marched with a military band, who presented him an uniform jacket. Anyway, hope it was fun for 'all the parties involved', and good luck to Michael with HIStour, and i don't think he's "A Stranger in Moscow" anymore. See ya again.

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