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S u c k ' o ' t r o n i c

image invented by suck

("kewl" web zines and intel-ectual hype)

Well - this issue is an experiment in new HTML garbage - you'll need Mozilla 3.0 or MSIE 3.0 to see this page more or less correctly... And hope it works - I have occasional visual glitches, although the code is correct... If your screen is garbled in some places below - try hitting reload, it usually helps.


Let's start with a little disappointment. Sorry - we were down last week for something like 12 hrs. Er... There was a network glitch down here - seemed that the whole area was down - or maybe the problem was local. People in the nearby building sometimes shut down all electricity, showing special preference for our repeater (a extremely small and not a big-deal-in-a-network (but sometimes vital) thing that links us to you). Uh.. CrazyWEB unplugged vol. 1?

Another disappointment last week was one of the hype sites. Say - ProjectCool is cool? Hey... Yes - although "coolness" is relative... While the site is a nice collection of links to quality places, and is about web quality on the whole - with some weird love for Acrobat Amber, and with neat HTML tutorial for those who still avoid wimpy-wigs like this (all that glitters is ... Navigator?) or this (a 'small' company of Mr. "You make a grown man cry" Gates) But this was really mega-cool this week - didn't expect that here. Here is a cute little thing...

image at projectcool
403 Forbidden
Your client does not have permission to get URL /coolest/images/living.gif from this server.

403 Forbidden
Your client does not have permission to get URL /developer/acrobat/images/adz.jpg from this server.

Yes, indeed, this is a temporary thing, I guess this won't be there long, but still - messing up file permissions on a UNIX system - that's WOW!

Just love it...
When cool sucks...


Remember the time of Suck 1.0 last year? When there was one neat column, with real "experiment in provocation, mordant deconstructionism, and buzz-saw journalism." It was - until they got a Big Brother, frames, ads for places like this and a lot of other setbacks...

Now Suck 2.0 seems to be a
Retail Enterprise
- using the Suck's 1.0 own rating system,
introduced at about the New Year of 1996.

Not really strange, taking into account that Suck with contributors is a large crowd. Presuming that people are a bit hungry, the retail deal is rolled out... What else would you expect? More than that - Suck 2.0 caused a lot of comments all over the Web, so they just snapped out a pretty warning to those who want to write a story:

Members of the press interested in writing a story about Suck should write to our press contact at <>.

So - you @ suck mean that I should now send you a message telling that I'm writing about you? And wait for a week or more? And you'll reserve the right to censor the content? Freedom newly defined, right?

Shit really makes great fertilizer...
Besides, is harmful to your health...

As quoted from the welcome message at
Connectivity with Sprintlink customers has been spotty at best. If you're a Sprint customer and are having problems getting to wcarchive, please complain to Sprint, not to us.

Well, actually what I like about Suck is a NetMoguls comic pictures - although the text part (reverse side of the card) is just hype, the pictures are cool. Worth checking it out every week.

And, anyway, Suck remains one of the best places on the Net. Just compare it to some Russian Pepsi site - and you'll know the difference...

3. POPSI.RU(ssia) - make me blue, baby...


Now, the usual image of a Pepsi is different in Russia - it's strangely blue. And critics say that the change of the label changed the taste - it's terrible. As well as the web site. First of all, it's in English. Next - we get a heavy image overload TV presentation. Discover that Nikita "we will bury you" Khruschev was the first Sovok leader to taste the "majestic" drink, some other useless facts. We then proceed to a quiz, get our names written on the blue (which is red in real life) Kremlin wall of shame - AND PROMISES. Promises for updates, prizes and promotions.

Dreams that never come true.

Take a journey to the world of Pepsi with a Sovok twist - anyway, it's in English...

Till the next week ...

S'cusi dove il bar
Se para collo pou eine toe-bar
S'il vous plait ou est le bar
Oi' where's the fucking bar John!

- Final Cut, what else

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