Well, here is a feed(t)back page.

Our main address is, mail is delivered to all folks that bring CrazyWEB to you. So, come on, let us know if you like the magazine. Or what makes you unhappy about it.

We generally welcome all comments, although may decide not to answer your mail if we are lazy, not in the mood, sleepy or drunk.

If you know a web site that can make it into some future column - give us the URL - and we'll take care of the rest.

We surely welcome columns from everyone. If you want to write a CrazyWEB column - once or on a permanent basis - DO IT THEN. If we like it - we'll put it online. If you write it in English - that's fine. We'll fix the Russian version. If you're from Russia, and not sure if you can follow our main rule "write in English, then transform into Russian" due to limitations of your command of the English language, then send us the story in Russian, we'll transtale it.

Flamers, spammers, and the like: please do not try to flame/spam here... You know - a neat uuencoded swap file in reply message is just an option... Especially effective if you are using a modem connection to download your email. Several dozen megs. What a picture... >;-> And, yes we are a peaceful crowd. Usually we do not practice such things, so - don't trouble trouble.

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