CrazyWEB is the first online Web magazine in Russia, for Russians, and in Russian. The aim of the publication is to bring latest news, views, and events to the growing Russian-language Net community.

This is the original version of CrazyWEB (1995-1996). It is no longer supported and remains active as a source of historical and archive information.

Russian Version

English-Language Information

You need Cyrillic fonts to read the magazine in Russian.
If you use Windows 3.1, you can download these fonts:
  • 'Fixed' Cyrillic font
  • 'Proportional' Cyrillic font
  • Installation inctructions are inside archives.
    If you use Windows 95 Pan-European or Russian Edition - you are set: just check that fonts in your browser are configured as 'Cyrillic', not 'Western'.
    For other platforms, please refer to this excellent information source:
    KOI8r page by A. Chernov

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